We're fighting to bring choice back to Michigan.

In 2010, one of the strictest smoking bans in the world was enacted statewide in Michigan. The law forbids the private property owners of bars and restaurants from choosing to allow smoking on their property, even in outdoor eating areas. Since the law was enacted, countless businesses have gone under. Many were small mom-and-pop establishments which had previously been successful and passed down through families for generations. The ban is severely weakening small business in this state, resulting in wage reduction and job loss for far too many.

Most of the legislators who voted in favor of the ban were not invited back for another term, but their ban remains. Since then, more and more people are learning that the so-called risks of "secondhand smoke" were greatly exaggerated by ban advocates in order to sway public opinion.

Ban the Ban Michigan is a true grassroots organization not financed by any industry. We are thousands of Michigan residents across the state, joining together to fight this unjustified ban. Our group consists of smokers and nonsmokers alike; people across the political spectrum; healthcare professionals, small business owners, and countless more who are united in opposition to Michigan's smoking ban and the dubious methods used to achieve it.

We advocate a reasonable compromise.

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